Friday, 15 November 2013

Major landslip is transformed

Newly installed willow spiling
Our client had suffered a serious flood on his land which had caused a major landslip.  The aim of our work was to provide toe protection within the brook and reform and restabilise the slope.

This was a major project that involved regrading the bank and soil nailing at the top of the bank.  Silt was retained using Sedimat matting installed in the stream bed at the first riffle downstream.  We were able to remove the Sedimat and leave it to decompose, on completion of stone rip-rap and removal of the landslip material.

We excavated the land above the waterline and then re-used this soil on the slope.  We were lucky with the weather and it was important to keep the soil dry.  

Land after flooding and landslip and before spiling was installed
The spiling you can see in the first picture above is created with live willow stakes, driven in by excavator to a depth of 1m and then 1 year old live willow whips interwoven between them.  Every fourth post is tied back to good ground so that the soil can't push the stakes forward.  Spiling is then back-filled with landslip material.

The soil on the first two layers are to be covered with turf to prevent erosion in case of flooding in the future.

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